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U.S. Government Recruiting Rappers To Battle Islamic Militants

Hollywood execs aren’t the only ones Uncle Sam wants to help fight terrorism. has learned that a top American diplomat is working on a secr… READ MORE

What ISIS Likes To Drink To Stay Awake

Red Bull gives you wings, and if you’re an Islamic militant, apparently, extra stamina to keep fighting.… READ MORE


Chris Rock Jokes About Terrorism & ISIS On 'SNL'

Terrorist group ISIS, the 9/11 attacks and the Boston marathon bombings aren’t generally fodder for Saturday Night Live but Chris Rock tried to mak… READ MORE

‘Downtown' May Kill Off Family Dog ... Named Isis

Already the reason we can’t have chocolate bars or nice ladies from Florida named Isis, the terrorists of ISIS may affect another unlikely place: DoREAD MORE


Brad Pitt Plans To Play Beheaded Journalist James Foley In Film

Brad Pitt is working behind the scenes to bring the tragic story of beheaded journalist James Foley to the big screen.

The National ENQUIRER reports that th… READ MORE

ISIS' New Foe: Dutch Biker Gang?

ISIS’ enemies are emerging from all parts of the woodwork.… READ MORE

Daily Show Joke Incenses Fans Of One Direction

Jon Stewart has incurred the wrath of fans of the pop group One Direction with this joke: “Just as you were talking, a new terrorist group formed with o… READ MORE

7 Questions About The ISIS Airstrikes, Answered

7 Questions About The ISIS Airstrikes, Answered
Keep up to date on current world events here.… READ MORE

Texas Sheriff Issues Warning To Terrorists

Texas investigators remain on high alert amidst new warnings that ISIS militants may have formed a terrorist cell nearby.… READ MORE

Miller Time: ISIS Murders A Second American

Dennis Miller gives his two cents on the horrors surrounding ISIS.… READ MORE


Terrorist Group Reportedly Beheads Hostage Steven Sotloff

Terrorist organization ISIS has released another video allegedly showing the beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff, according to SITE intelligence gREAD MORE


James Foley Death: Jihadist In Clip Not Behind Murder After All?

The masked and robed executioner with a British accent, seen in the notorious “A Message to America” video of a captive journalist James Foley prior to his a… READ MORE

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James Foley’s Parents Release His Heartbreaking Final Letter

Before he was a tragic victim of terrorist brutality, James Foley was a loving son and brother. Now, his parents are sharing that side of the journalist — who … READ MORE

Syrians Claim Journalist James Foley Actually Executed A Year Ago

Syrians Claim Journalist James Foley Was Actually Executed A Year Ago

Did American journalist James Foley’s captors savagely kill him on video last year—and not recently, as terrorists have claimed?

Those are the shocking a… READ MORE

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Read The Foley Family’s Final Letter From ISIS Organization

Prior to executing James Foley, ISIS sent a final message to his parents on August 12 threatening his life.

But that wasn’t the only correspondence his capt… READ MORE

Could Ransom Have Saved James Foley?

Could Ransom Have Saved James Foley?… READ MORE

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James Foley Death: Ransom Demand, Rescue Attempt, Obama Scrutinized 

The fallout of the purported beheading of journalist James Wright Foley — in a clip released by the terrorist outfit ISIS dubbed “A Message to America” — con… READ MORE