Beyonce's Dad Mathew Knowles Is A No-Show For Child Support Hearing: 'If You're Telling The Truth, Show Up!'

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“If you’re telling the truth, show up to court!” That’s the message that the mother of Beyonce‘s secret half-brother wants to send Mathew Knowles, sources tell Radar, after he was a no-show at pre-trial proceedings for their ongoing child support trial last week. According to insiders, Knowles was slapped with sanctions and risked facing the contempt of court in order to avoid facing off with his ex, AlexSandra Wright, regarding his questionable child support history.

As Radar has reported, Knowles has been accused of being up to three months late in payments for his son with Wright, Nixon. Knowles has denied that he is in arrears, claiming on Dec. 4 that he was never late on payments. But when court records revealed that he was, Knowles changed his story, insisting that it was a paperwork mix-up. Knowles did not respond to Radar’s request for comment.

The case was turned over to the State of California last year as part of Wright’s efforts to end the public battle once and for all, which insiders say is taking a toll on Knowles’ innocent son, who Knowles has never met.

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“Friends and family are growing increasingly worried about the damage being done to Nixon by his biological father denying his existence and allowing the public to bash his mother,” the source says. “Mathew continues to fuel the fire by making public statements insinuating that Alex is lying about all of this, but every time he has been proven wrong.”

“AlexSandra just wants the truth to come out,” the source continues. “And the only way that this will happen is if Mathew Knowles is held accountable for his actions and his child like every other citizen in this country!”

“Alex says she feels like saying to Mathew, ‘If you’re telling the truth, just show up!'” the insider explains. “If he’s as broke as he claims, show up and prove it. Stop taking the cowardly way out.”

He’ll get his chance later next month, when the child support trial goes before a judge yet again.

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But the source insists, “It doesn’t take money to do the right thing and show up for your child.”

As Radar has reported, Knowles has never even met the four-year-old. Wright has been silent, but her brother, Jonathan, spoke out exclusively to Radar about the situation earlier this month.

“I find it kind of odd that somebody that’s proven as somebody’s biological father has never ever seen their son,” Jonathan Wright told Radar exclusively. “And when they’re a wealthy individual, it’s odd that they would be a deadbeat dad.”

“I just don’t understand it,” he said of Knowles’ lack of involvement in Nixon’s life. “I have a son. I love my son and I would go to the ends of the earth for him. I don’t understand.”

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