Reunion Secrets Revealed! Karen Claims Drita Lied About Her Father

Gravano alleges 'Mob Wives' final reunion edited to cover up D'Avanzo's fibs.

Karen Gravano Drita D’Avanzo Reunion Fight
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Reunion Secrets Revealed! Karen Claims Drita Lied About Her Father

Gravano alleges 'Mob Wives' final reunion edited to cover up D'Avanzo's fibs.

The Mob Wives series may be over, but the cast’s drama has not ended.

After spending the entirety of the series at odds with costar Drita D’avanzo, has exclusively learned that Karen Gravano did not feel vindicated after the season 6 reunion concluded this week.

Gravano, 43, told Radar that she had hoped the reunion would air parts of unseen footage to explain in more detail what fueled her ongoing feud with D’avanzo, 40.

“What’s missing in the reunion, what people didn’t get to see is the real footage of what she said about my father,” Gravano explained. “That’s why I was going so crazy.”

Before sitting at the table for one last battle, the producers allowed the women to watch never-before-shown footage, some of which also aired during the reunion.

But according to Gravano, certain scenes that would share a deeper story were edited out.

“There was a part in there where when I came back in season 5, Drita immediately left the room,” Gravano said. “She went over to production and started complaining that VH1 is very stupid to get involved with Sammy the Bull. She doesn’t want to put her family in jeopardy. That my father’s going to come home out of jail, have nothing and start killing people and basically she’s going to quit the show if I came back.”

Gravano posted the cut-out scene on her Instagram.

This is the real footage from tonight’s episode that Drita did not want you to see I knew she would go behind the scenes like she did so many times before and try to get it out recorded it… she’s the one bringing up the men she’s the one going to production trying to get me off the show saying she can’t work with me because of my father making up bullshit trying keep me off the show and block my money… biggest pussy I’ve ever seen go on Camera and act tough and then run to production when I came back on season five crying trying to keep me off the show !!!! everything about this bitch is a lie she’s a fucking green screen gangster @dritadavanzoladyboss You did everything to keep this off air but you’re exposed!!!!! Everyone else may not understand this but I know you do@

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“So after that [Drita said that last season], the next day, I got called into Left/Right offices,” Gravano said. “Basically they had to confront me about this threat because Drita made up these stories that she got these prank calls and basically it was going around Staten Island that my father put a hit out on her and Lee, and she was petrified to work with me.”

“If my father was going to kill someone, he would never warn you first,” she continued. “That’s a complete lie—made up… [and] everyone in the room felt that Drita backpedaled. We squashed it.”

According to Gravano, D’avanzo denied saying that, and Gravano eventually returned for season 5 after her hiatus.

But then the group filmed the series’ last reunion, and D’avanzo’s truth was revealed in the unaired footage played in the women’s dressing rooms.

“All of a sudden season 6 reunion, now I’m seeing all this footage of her saying that she should be scared of my father, basically Drita was trying to block money,” Gravano claimed. “She didn’t want me to come back on the show.”

D’avanzo did something similar to her former bestie, Carla Facciolo.

“If you see when Carla comes back on season 5, she leaves the room, she’s quitting, she’s mad, she’s yelling at production,” Gravano said.

Gravano claimed that the reason she didn’t want Gravano and Facciolo to return is because D’avanzo didn’t want her alleged lie revealed.

“The reason why is because she never wanted to be exposed about what happened in season 4 before we all left,” she said. “Me, Drita, Carla and Ramona made a pact. We were going to stick together. We were going to ask for more things in our contract—and the last second Drita sold us out. She told the network what we were doing and went to work.”

Gravano decided to go on the record about the past because she wanted to defend herself one last time.

“This is what the fans really are not seeing is the behind the camera stuff that’s really fueling what’s going on on-camera,” Gravano said. “She did not want the fans to see what she really said. She got her way because she put out there that she’s in jeopardy.”

But Gravano said that her father Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano—the former Gambino crime family underboss turned FBI informant who is currently serving time behind bars—never posed a threat to D’avanzo.

“My father does not care about Drita D’avanzo,” she said. “My father, she’s the last thing on his mind. He’s never been a threat or said anything. If that were the case, he wouldn’t want me on the show.”

So after all that the Mob Wives costars have been through, Gravano concluded that “Drita is a fraud.”

“She’s a fake,” Gravano said. “She knows everything that she did.”