Did Pippa Middleton Forget Her Panties?

Pippa Middleton fashionweek.jpg
Did Pippa Middleton Forget Her Panties?

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Did her Royal Hotness just have a true Hollywood moment and suffer a major wardrobe malfunction?

Pretty Pippa Middleton sat front row and central at the Temperley fashion show in London on Monday and from one risqué snap shot it appeared that she may have forgotten her panties!

Wearing an ultra short mini dress, and with stylish black booties Pippa smiled for the cameras, unaware that the up-skirt shot is a favorite of many a sneaky snapper.

Way back in the 80s Lady Diana was unwittingly photographed with the sun shining through her skirt, turning it totally see-through, before she married Prince Charles, and Pippa’s sister, Kate Middleton, strutted down the catwalk in a see-through dress in 2002 that many say was the night she captured Prince William’s heart.

However, after close examination it appears that Pippa was just the victim of an optical illusion, and didn’t join the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in flashing the world.

Phew! The Brits can sleep easy tonight!


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