AUDIO: Britney Spears Scandal Widens; Pot Smoking Confession On Tape

AUDIO: Britney Spears Scandal Widens; Pot Smoking Confession On Tape

The Britney Spears audio tape scandal is getting bigger.

New audio released by Star magazine contains a confession of smoking marijuana – and you can listen to that audio here.

On the new tape, Britney’s ex husband Jason Alexander also confesses to smoking dope and says: “You know I got the best pot in California if you really want to smoke.”

That candid admission is followed up with a reply where she admits “I smoked the (bleeping) joint and went back to bed.

Alexander says that Britney recently called and told him her boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick had beaten her and given her a black eye. He also revealed that she said she aborted his baby this year.

Britney’s camp has said it’s all untrue and Britney released a statement denying everything while her people have threatened to sue.

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But Alexander is not backing down at all. He passed a polygraph test and produced an audio tape of the conversation. He told Star magazine that he stands by the story 100% and certainly knows what his ex wife sounds like on the phone. (Alexander and Britney were pals who had a disastrous 55-hour marriage in 2004).

Star magazine created national headlines with its new cover story where Alexander details that Britney told him about being beaten by Trawick and much, much more. His audio tape is of poor quality and features a loud buzz but the quality is good enough to understand what everyone is saying.

In the new tape release by Star Alexander is told about her jealousy over her boyfriend and another woman.  She details how she woke up at 7 and almost left a nasty message on Facebook but smoked a joint and went back to bed!


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