Charlie Sheen's Wife Checking Back Into Rehab

Charlie Sheen's Wife Checking Back Into Rehab

On the day that it’s announced that Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Muller have reached a divorce agreement, Brooke is checking back into rehab, has learned.

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A source tells that Brooke, who has a crack addiction, is checking into a rehab facility for 30 days.

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This is at least the sixth time that Brooke has been in rehab. Previously she was treated at Two Dreams in North Carolina and The Canyons in Malibu, California. Brooke had been trying to do “rehab at home,” but obviously it was unsuccessful.

Two weeks ago, Brooke made her first public appearance since her domestic abuse problems with husband Charlie surfaced on Christmas Day 2009.

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Photographs made her look elegant and beautiful, but noticeably thinner-undoubtedly due to the stress of such a public break-up.