Paul Walker Death Crash — At Time Of Impact — Caught On Camera

UPDATE 3:10p.m. PT: The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has just released a statement on their investigation stating that they “have received eyewitness statements that the car involved was traveling alone at a high rate of speed.”

The tragic moment of impact when Fast & Furious star Paul Walker and his friend and business partner Roger Rodas lost their lives was captured on surveillance video.

omg! INSIDER obtained the footage that shows smoke and fire billowing into the sky after the Porsche Carerra GT crashed.

As Radar exclusively reported on Monday, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believes the car was traveling at more than 100 mph at impact on a parkway with a 45 mph speed limit.

“Though the investigation is in its early stages, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believe the Porsche was going over 100 mph,” a source close to the investigation told Radar.

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“Both men wore seat belts… (but) if the Porsche wouldn’t have hit the pole, Paul and Roger would likely still be alive today.”

After impact, several cars in the video are seen passing by.

In a case of life imitating art, investigators are currently considering the possibility that Walker and Rodas were drag racing at the time of the crash.

Adding to the fears that street racing could have been cause, there were also tire skid marks on the road – a notorious area for fast driving and racing – near the crash site.

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The surveillance video will likely play a key role in the investigation.

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