RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Says Peace With Teresa Giudice 'Probably' Won't Last

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Melissa Gorga, when asked about ending her feud with sister-in-law/rival Teresa Giudice, admitted to Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen Sunday that she didn’t think the calm would last.

“I hope — but probably not,” Melissa said.

However, she was happy that the Giudice/Gorga family’s healing retreat in Lake George was a success.

“We went from rock bottom to hugging it out, drinking. I had a couple drinks and I was so relieved that it was better.”

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When Andy said it was nice to see the two families together on the show, Melissa agreed.

“I feel like everyone likes to see us together anyway. It’s just more fun. We have a lot in common as much as we don’t have in common. We have a good time together,” Melissa said.

“My husband has one sister,” she noted — and now they are finally speaking!

Gorga said she laughed seeing her fellow housewife’s Jacqueline Laurita‘s jiggly pre-op stomach!

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“I can’t believe they showed the pile of skin,” Melissa — who supported Laurita’s decision to undergo a tummy tuck and neck lift on Sunday’s show — said of the graphic episode, in which Jacqueline insisted on traveling to Beverly Hills to have a plastic surgeon fix her tummy and neck.

But Melissa said an emphatic “no” when Andy asked if she herself had a new nose.

“It’s called contouring,” Joe Gorga’s beautiful wife said about her expert makeup job.

Also on the talk show, Melissa sounded off on another co-star, embattled Teresa Giudice who recently got indicted on numerous charges with her husband Joe Giudice.

“We are in a much better place than we’ve been in a really long time and yes, of course, I’ve reached out and spoke to Teresa,” Melissa revealed to viewers on Sunday. “She knows I have her back.

“The kids, of course, are the number one priority and that’s what Joe and I are always here for, no matter what.”

Joined by Mad Men star and RHONJ fan Elisabeth Moss, Melissa was candid about how her husband, Joe Gorga, bonded with his niece Gia on the latest episode.

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Melissa said, “I think he always tries to let her know that he loves her and she loves him so it’s always sweet to see them together.

“She knows a lot, maybe a little too much at times. She’s at that age. He loves her so much.”

Melissa also previewed next week’s episode in which a friend accuses her of cheating on her husband.

“I refuse to give it attention because it’s that ridiculous,” Melissa said.

The reality star also laughed about the hair spray her husband Joe used to cover his baldness — and how his secret was unmasked during a recent RHONJ episode in which the black tar got over everyone during the two Joes’ epic fight.

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“I love the way he owns it. He laughs at himself.”

Since then, “He shaved his head and I love it,” the self-described loyal wife said. “A lot of men use filler.”

During Watch What Happens Live, Melissa and Elisabeth also engaged in a “gay shark dance” with a costumed character Andy brought out and competed with each other in singing TV theme songs (the Mad Men star won!).

At the end of a typically irreverent Watch What Happens Live episode, host Andy paused strangely — and then confided to his guests and the audience, “I burped. Sorry. That’s so gross!”

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