Mariah Carey Complains About Nicki Minaj: ’This Is What I Deal With’ On American Idol

Like the slow ride up a roller coaster, the tension between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey keeps escalating tick-by-tick, until the bottom falls out with an epic blowout between the divas next week.

In the meantime, on Thursday in Chicago, the singers clashed again after Nicki showed her pettiness during 20-year-old hopeful Stephanie Schimel‘s audition, singing Doris Day‘s Dream A Little Dream Of Me.

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While Mariah, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson approved moving Stephanie up, Nicki gave a long-winded spiel about Stephanie’s lack of star power.

“I thought your voice is pretty, you are pretty, but nothing jumped at me. We have seen such magnetic things today, and I don’t think you compared to what we have seen today,” the Super Bass singer said. “I do not think you feel like a star. You are not giving me that thing. I do not feel it.”

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After Nicki revealed the real reason Stephanie rubbed her the wrong way – she was wearing the same pink eye shadow that she wears – Mariah disgustedly groused, “This is what I deal with, this is what I deal with when I come into my job.”

At that point, Nicki shot back, “Oh no, because you ain’t got nothing like me,” while the Vision of Love singer condescendingly repeated, “Exactly my dear.”

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The two traded barbs, shouting over one another unintelligibly. After Mariah stated she didn’t “want to make anyone upset here,” Keith, who was sitting in between the bickering beauties, said, “Sure you do.”

More hysterics are anticipated during the show’s North Carolina auditions which air next week. In the exchange, the Super Bass singer has a full blown meltdown, reportedly shouting: “I’m not f*cking putting up with her highness over there – figure it the f*ck out, figure it out!”

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American Idol‘s 12th season continues next Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.


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