In ‘Chains’? Nick Jonas Still With Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Despite Drama

Nick Jonas released his first solo music video earlier this week for “Chains,” a song that he said “embodies the feeling of being trapped in a love that is hopeless.” But despite rumors that he’s split from his longtime pageant queen girlfriend Olivia Culpo, has learned that he’s not going solo in love — yet.

“Nick and Olivia are together, but they are always on-again, off-again,” a source close to Jonas tells exclusively. “They break-up all the time.”

And although the former boy bander and former Miss Universe seem to have the perfect relationship on the outside, the source tells Radar that this is not the case.

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“They fight a lot,” says source. “One day he says that he is going to marry her and the next day they are not talking.”

What could possibly cause a rift between this picture perfect couple? 

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“Nick is very sarcastic, but this comes across as quite mean to Olivia,” the source tells Radar. “She is always taking offense to things that he says.”

What do you think? Can these two work it out and stay together, or will he go solo?

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