Keeping Up With Kim? Barbra Streisand Joins Instagram After Husband James Brolin Reportedly ‘Ogled’ Reality Star

Well, this is one way to try to lure your husband away from staring at “boob-licious” Kim Kardashian.

Soon after The National ENQUIRER reported that Barbra Streisand is furious with husband James Brolin for “ogling” the reality star at a party, the Funny Girl star took a page out of Kardashian’s book and joined Instagram!

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The famous singer’s first post was very Kardashian-like: posed and perfect! One user with the handle beginwithblue even commented, “Love you, Babs but would enjoy a little less poised perfection and more of the realness that makes me love you so! Less Kim Kardashian, more Oprah.”

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Despite having an adorable puppy on her lap, Streisand makes it hard not to notice her too-perfect face. Has she gone the Kardashian way kompletely and used a little Photoshop? Either way, we can only hope that the 72-year-old doesn’t start posting bikini selfies.

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