Fake Friend? Dina Manzo Spilling Teresa Giudice’s Secrets Behind Her Back — Trusting Her Was A ‘Mistake,’ Source Says

Now more than ever, legally troubled Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice needs the support of her friends. But RadarOnline.com has learned that close pal Dina Manzo has betrayed her by blabbing her secrets to other housewives — and now Giudice thinks trusting her “was a big mistake!”

According to a source, Giudice and Manzo had discussed some private issues during a heartfelt meeting with Victoria Gotta, after which Giudice asked Manzo to keep her mouth shut. But rather than stay mum, Caroline Manzo’s estranged little sister betrayed the mother of four’s confidence by blabbing to the other cast members, the source said.

Now, “Teresa is absolutely stunned  that Dina told the other housewives the details of the meeting with Victoria,” the insider explained. “Teresa specifically asked Dina to not discuss the meeting with anyone, but has since found out that she did.”

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“Specifically, Dina told the other ladies  about the meeting with Victoria while she was on the cast trip to Miami, and Teresa wasn’t there,” the source said. “Teresa was made aware of the betrayal after it had happened and is very unhappy about it. She trusted Dina, but now recognizes that was a huge mistake.”

As Radar has reported, Giudice didn’t make the trip to Miami because her lawyers advised her not to go in light of her pending sentencing for her guilty plea in the bankruptcy and fraud charges.

Producers were then peeved with her decision to not make the trip.

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“Bravo was very unhappy about Teresa’s refusal to go,” the source previously said, “and assured her nothing would be done to jeopardize her criminal case if she were to join the other housewives.” But still, she refused.

“Teresa really wanted to go, but had to follow the advice” given to her by her counsel, the source explained.

So who can she trust? Maybe not Manzo.

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“Viewers should be very wary of Dina’s motivations,” the insider said. “She wants to be the queen bee of the show, as her sister Caroline used to be. Now Teresa feels that she doesn’t have any true friends on the show, including her sister-in-law, Melissa [Gorga].”

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