Gorgas DENIED! Judge Sides With ‘RHONJ’ Couples Tenant And Lets Him Stay In Their NJ Mansion Despite ‘Squatter’ Claims

As Teresa Giudice prepares for her sentencing, her brother Joe Gorga’s own courtroom drama continues. In a big win for the tenant who’s occupying the reality star’s New Jersey mansion, a judge ruled to stay the eviction on Tuesday.

The new ruling means that Kai Patterson, who has lived in the pricey property since February under a purchase agreement, gets to remain under the roof … for the time-being.

More than a week ago, the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple filed a lawsuit to evict Patterson, alleging that he reneged on their payment agreement.

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Patterson has denied the allegations, claiming he has paid $45,000 toward the monthly rent and the purchase price since he moved in four months ago, including $5,000 earmarked for the water bill and repairs, and $10,000 in realtors fees.

But Patterson said that a lot of unforeseen damage occurred after the house was originally inspected last September, repairs of which have not been made and should be under his agreement with the Gorgas.

And the judge agreed — for now.

“My attorney went in to file an order to show cause,” Patterson told Radar. “I came in with bank checks for the rent, we filed an order to show cause, the judge heard us, we arraigned to call Mr. Gorga’s law firm and we all went on the record in a hearing.

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“The judge agreed to vacate the eviction,” he added, pending Thursday’s court hearing.

Since Patterson moved into the palatial estate, which had been featured on the hit reality show when the Gorgas moved out to build another pad, he claims he has asked for repairs to be made, but that his requests have fallen on deaf ears.

So the tenant got a separate – and shocking — home inspection that allegedly uncovered a host of problems including “debris,” “mold” and led to Patterson calling Joe a “slumlord” in a bitter back and forth feud.

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“The judge asked me if I wanted to leave or stay. I explained to the judge I wanted to stay and have the property repaired,” Patterson said. “We explained to the judge that I put up money toward the purchase and the repairs in a payment to Mr. Gorga. Upon the judge hearing that and seeing in motion, he did not require that I make any payments.

“We were able to explain that I had paid all of the rent to Joe through July with the expenses I paid and funds toward the purchase,” Patterson claimed. “If the money is not going to repairs, there’s a provision that it goes to rent, so we are all paid up.”

Meanwhile, a source close to the Gorgas recently told Radar that they are “scared” to have the man the source called a “serial squatter” still living in their home.

As Radar reported, court documents filed in New Jersey in 2012 show that Patterson’s former landlord filed suit to have him evicted from a Saddle River, NJ, property after he failed to pay $332,500 in rent..

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When asked for comment, Patterson acknowledged he considered purchasing that property until he “learned it was extremely poorly constructed” and developed “toxic mold.” The matter was eventually settled in court.

“They can’t make the argument that I am a dead-beat because I have the money,” Patterson claimed, although the Gorgas source insists if Patterson did, he would have settled the matter long ago.

“Bottom line is that Patterson doesn’t have the funds to rent, let alone purchase the Gorgas’ home,” the source close to the Gorgas said. “If he did, he would have come with a check in hand to the court on June 27 and put the money in escrow until the repairs he claims are needed on the Gorgas’ home were done and then the court would release the funds. He didn’t have the money so he delayed by showing up late to court.”

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