Alix Tichelman’s Roommate Thinks Alleged Escort Was On Drug-Fueled Tailspin

The former roommate of Alix Tichelman — the 26-year-old woman authorities say killed Google bigwig Forrest Timothy Hayes with a lethal shot of heroin — said that a drug problem the alleged escort had likely snowballed into stone addiction.

“She clearly was likely way gone in her addiction,” Mariya Armario, who shared a San Francisco residence with Tichelman at one time, told KXTV.

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Armario said Tichelman said men she met online, via sites such as, “would just pick her up on dates and buy her things and give her money.”

Of Tichelman’s purported gig as a prostitute, Armario said she’d asked her former roommate “if she had to sleep with [the men,] and she said she never did — but that’s what they all say.”

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As we previously reported, officials are expected to charge Tichelman with felony manslaughter, among other counts, in the Nov. 23 death of the 51-year-old father-of-five in Santa Cruz, Calif., as police cited a tape in which the purported escort scurried to collect her things and leave, as the businessman passed out.

In addition, authorities in Atlanta are taking a second look into the heroin overdose death of Tichelman ex Dean Riopelle — which was initially proclaimed accidental — in the wake of the allegations against the woman.

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