TMI! Tori Spelling Complains That Husband Dean McDermott’s Intimate Love Tattoo Was Supposed To Be ‘A Safety Net’ To Keep Him From Cheating

Getty Images/Lifetime

Dean McDermott has been tagged – by Tori Spelling, of course.

Spelling reveals in a new clip from the upcoming episode of True Tori that her husband once surprised her with a tattoo that says “Tori’s” right above his you know what.

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After her friend suggests that she have McDermott sign a piece of paper “just in case” he cheats again, Spelling insists that it won’t help because “clearly [the tattoo] didn’t stop him.”

Tuesday’s episode also will feature the betrayed mother reflecting on the most explosive moments of this season, and will expose exclusive, never-seen-before footage from behind closed doors.

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True Tori airs June 10 on Lifetime.

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