ANOTHER Photoshop Fail! Chrissy Teigan Poses Topless For ‘GQ,’ Loses Nipple

Another body part bites the dust in the latest Photoshop fail.

Based on this GQ cover, Chrissy Teigen wouldn’t be able to breast feed any future children she might have even if she wanted to because she’s missing a nipple!

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Based on how much of her breast is exposed, we should be able to see some part of her areola, but instead we get a bare boob! John Legend’s wife looks gorgeous otherwise, but we have to wonder who decided to completely ax her nipple.

Even if there had been some sort of nip slip, there are other ways to remedy these issues, right?

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Teigen, who once opened up to Cosmopolitan about joining the mile high club, probably wouldn’t mind a quick fix in some other fashion – she doesn’t seem very shy!

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What do you think about this latest Photoshop fail? Do you think magazines should stop with the airbrushing?

Sound off in the comments below!

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