Lanky No More! Coldplay Rocker Chris Martin Bulks Up His Physique Amidst Reports Of ‘Conscious Recoupling’

Now that he has reportedly reconciled with his wife, Chris Martin looks to be trying to impress Gwyneth Paltrow – with his body! And now can exclusively reveal what exactly he’s been doing to bulk up!

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A source at the Coldplay frontman’s Los Angeles gym tells Radar that he’s been “training hard for a year or two now.”

“He does lots of kettlebell work and swimming,” the source said. “He also does crossfit because his trainer is really into circuit training and crossfit.”

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Based on the results that we can see, Martin must give it his all when he hits the gym.

“He really pushes himself and is an ideal client,” the source added.

Martin appeared in Australia with much bigger biceps than what we’re used to seeing. The normally lanky singer is busy filming the band’s new music video for its single, “A Sky Full of Stars,” Down Under. But he has definitely made time to get in a few workouts before he goes on tour.

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Martin definitely got what he wanted! We’ll have two tickets to that gun show please.

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