Out Of The Dogg House! Judge Drops Bizarre Lawsuit Against Rapper Snoop

A U.S. district judge has dismissed a Georgia woman’s federal lawsuit against Snoop Dogg — deeming the case “frivolous.”

Margaretreto Wimberley filed a complaint March 7, claiming President George W. Bush took money from the rapper, 42, “regarding [an] unconsent[ual] sexual act,” court papers state. “Plaintiff wants to claim that money to ‘resolve the incident.’”

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Whibley also alleges Snoop Dogg “has used music and lyrics by a C. Womack” and that “she has been subject to surveillance and a dispute regarding her child,” documents continue.

A U.S. Magistrate judge requested the district judge dismiss the suit, claiming Whibley “brought this action without citing to any case law, statute, or regulation that would provide her any relief.”

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The district judge agreed, and since Whibley failed to file objections within two weeks, the case was tossed on April 8, 2014.

Snoop is no stranger to the legal system: He was last arrested for marijuana possession in Texas in 2012. And in 1996, the hip-hop star, then known as “Snoop Doggy Dog,” was infamously acquitted for the murder of acquaintance Philip Woldemariam.

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