The Feud Continues! Brandi Glanville Slams Lisa Vanderpump — She ‘Can’t Stop Talking About’ Me!

It’s on! Again. Brandi Glanville’s never-ending feud with Lisa Vanderpump ignited again this week when the British Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star trashed Eddie Cibrian’s ex during a no-holds-barred interview. But Glanville, characteristically, wasn’t content to sit back and take it, telling Radar Vanderpump is responsible for keeping the drama going!

Vanderpump told Giuliana Rancic Sunday that Glanville had said “horrible things about me … But I don’t retaliate.”

And on Tuesday, Glanville hit back. Having recently been caught up in the stress of moving from her Beverly Hills home, Glanville tweeted Radar that she had been “downtown for two months,” presumably far from the drama.

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“I haven’t talk [sic] to anyone,” she insisted. “So, somebody can’t stop talking about it, but it’s not me!”

The implosion of former BFFs Glanville and Vanderpump’s relationship has been an ongoing storyline on the Bravo series, after Vanderpump hired Scheana Marie, the former mistress of Glanville’s ex, Cibrian, to work at her restaurant, Sur.

“I’ve been under your spell for two years,” Glanville told Vanderpump on the show’s finale. “…The truth is, I’m better off on my own.”

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After a tense face-off at the reunion show in March, Glanville stirred up drama when she tweeted that Vanderpump could “BBQ a baby and people would think it was cute.”

Soon after, Vanderpump insisted that the ongoing controversy had her contemplating leaving the show.

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