Phaedra Parks Blasts Kenya Moore Over Apollo Nida Sexting Scandal: You're a Sneaky, Trifling Slut! 

Sextgate 2014 continues on Real Housewives of Atlanta! has learned that in the final installment of the reunion episode, Kenya Moore will confront Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida – once again – about his claims that she propositioned him in Los Angeles.

In a preview for the episode, Moore explains why she decided to sit down and have a one-on-one discussion with Nida – sans Parks – while the group was in Mexico.

“What I have found with Phaedra is that she’ll spread rumors of me meeting with Apollo in L.A. that never happened. And then, when you go to her, she has nothing to say. You can never really get the truth,” Moore said of the sexting scandal. “I wanted to speak with Apollo personally to clear my name.”

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Rolling her eyes, Parks fired back at her co-star, “Why couldn’t you have a conversation with the three of us? Because you’re a sneaky, trifling slut!”

Host Andy Cohen continued to question Moore, who was ripped by RHOA viewers and co-stars over her allegedly inappropriate texts to Apollo.

“Speaking of the truth, I want to know what happened. He says you were together in L.A. and you say you never saw each other. So one of you is lying,” Cohen said.

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“Somebody is lying,” Nida stated. “I know I got a text message from [Moore] the other day, saying she felt bad because she’s been on the stage taunting me.”

Moore rolled her eyes and denied that she had sent any texts in recent weeks.

“That’s a bold-faced lie…. Yeah, I’m stupid enough to send you a text. He’s a criminal. He can make up anything,” she said.

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Nida, who is facing charges of bank fraud and identity theft, shot back, “I’m a criminal? I have a criminal past. You’re a nobody.”

Moore, who was violently attacked by co-star Porsha Williams, asked if there was security on set.

Cohen insisted there was security and “no one is leaving their couch.” Moore looked uncomfortable, as Nida continued to blast the former Miss USA, alleging that she has no money or credit.

Watch the dramatic confrontation below:

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