Catfished Or Crazy? My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Star Wants To Marry A Girl He Met Online, But Has NEVER Met In Person

The strict dating rules in the gypsy community were made to be broken and in this exclusive sneak peek of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding one man has a girlfriend that he met online, but has never seen her in person.

“PeeWee” Swayze, a Romanichal Gypsy, is obsessed with the late actor Patrick Swayze, and explains his fascination with the Dirty Dancing star.

They call me “Crazy Swayze” because I love Patrick Swayze and I’m also crazy.  I love Patrick Swayze. Such a ladies man.”

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And PeeWee believes that his own romance is leading down the aisle.

“I’m 232 pounds of muscle, steel and sex appeal,” he says.

Defying Gypsy courting rules, PeeWee is taking a “modern” approaching to dating a girl he met online.

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“She’s done got my heart,” he reveals.

However, after months of texting and phone calls he has never met her in person and he has a “crazy” idea – the first time they meet he wants to “make it special and go get married.”

Is this a case of true love on line or a terrible catfishing situation?

Check out My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Thursday at 9/8c.

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