Buoyed By Oscar-Nominated Film, Real Philomena Lee To ‘Battle With Ireland’s Supreme Court’ For Reform

Philomena Lee, the namesake of the critically-acclaimed film says she’s headed to “battle with Ireland’s Supreme Court” over reform for mothers “desperate for whereabouts of their children.”

Lee — who was played by Judi Dench in the Academy Award-nominated film that left critics impressed and audiences thinking — says she’s headed back to Ireland to air her grievances” regarding the separation of mothers and children.

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“I next battle with Ireland’s Supreme Court,” she told the NY Post. “I don’t live in Ireland anymore … Ireland’s archaic and religious laws are more than one can bear.”

Lee said that “Irish mothers are desperate for whereabouts of their children,” adding that “in 1997 a reporter, compiling a record, discovered my awful experience also happened with 2,200 other babies. The information overwhelmed us.

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“After the Guardian newspaper wrote about it, movie producers read the story, contacted the publisher and that’s how all this came about. But it is still happening, and will continue until the Irish Supreme Court is forced to change its laws.”

She added, “Because years pass does not mean the ache goes away.”

Philomena is in theaters now.

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