Rebound Romance? Kelly Osbourne Getting Close To Hunky Pro Skater Braydon Szafranski

That was fast! Just over two months after Kelly Osbourne announced she was splitting from fiancé Matthew Mosshart she was spotted in the arms of another man — literally. Only can reveal that the lilac-haired Fashion Police star has been getting close to pro skater Braydon Szafranski in the weeks since her break-up.

Osbourne and Szafranski were spotted shopping in Los Feliz, Calif., on Satuday March 15. As she clutched his bicep and linked her arm through his, their chemistry seemed obvious.

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And though a source close to Osbourne insists that Szafranski is “not her boyfriend” — yet — Radar can reveal that they’ve been spending lots of time together in recent weeks, including a trip to Las Vegas last month, photos of which Osbourne shared on her instagram.

A pro skater, Szafranski was actually a fan of Osbourne’s dad, Ozzy long before they started hanging out: He even has “OZZY” tattooed across his knuckles.

“I got that because when I was born, my dad got Black Sabbath ‘Volume 4′ to take me home from the hospital because he wanted it to be the first music I ever heard,” he recently told last week. “So I’ve always been a huge fan, since the day I was born.”

Szafranski also has a small bat tattoo on his face, but he insists it isn’t yet another tribute to rocker Osbourne.

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“The funny part is, [people] think that the bat tattoo on my face is because of Ozzy, but it has nothing to do with him,” Szafranski insists. “So I had dinner one night with [Ozzy] and his family and they put me in between Ozzy and his wife and Ozzy was holding my hand and rubbing it, and Sharon was like, ‘You’re so cute,’ just rubbing my bat on my face. I was sitting there like, ‘This is really awesome, but really weird.’ Kelly was sitting across from me laughing because she could see the awkwardness on my face.”

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