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Is Juan Pablo Gay? Fans Speculate This Is The REAL Reason Why He Didn’t Propose To Nikki

Is Juan Pablo Gay The REAL Reason He Doesn’t Love Nikki REVEALED

The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis had his pick of 27 women, but walked away without getting down on one knee to propose. What’s more, on the final episode, he refused to say he loved his winner, Nikki Ferrell.Now, certain Internet commenters are making outrageous claim comments about his sexuality.

Here is some of the unsupported speculation fans of the show were Tweeting after the show’s shock ending:

The evidence certainly appears to be to the contrary for ladies-man Galavis. He insists he loves women, and he already has one child, Camila, with an ex. In addition, he came under fire just a few weeks ago for homophobic comments.

Explaining why he didn’t think there should be a gay “Bachelor,” he called gay people “pervert[ed].”

Why do you think Juan Pablo refused to admit he loved Nikki? Let us know in the comments!

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