The Fight To End All Fights: 4-Months Pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans & Baby Daddy Caught On Camera In Epic F-Bomb Screaming Match

Pregnant Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and the father of her unborn child, Nathan Griffith, put on a united front, dismissing reports that their relationship is on the rocks.

But has exclusively obtained an explosive f-bomb filled video where the parents-to-be scream and yell at each other during a vicious fight to end all fights.

The grainy video — shot on Evans’ cell phone — was filmed during the last week of January when she was four months pregnant.

The pair was furious with each other after Evans apparently caught Griffith talking to his ex-girlfriend behind her back.

“I don’t want to be with you,” Griffith told Evans, in the tape.

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Radar has a full transcript of the expletive-laden video, during which Evans’ controversial boyfriend is heard repeatedly telling her to “get the f**k out” of their house, claiming she is a “f**king b***h” to her son and conceding he’s in trouble with the “f**king law” because of his relationship with her.


NATHAN GRIFFITH: Dude! I have to be in trouble for five years just because you are Jenelle Evans. I get in trouble with the f**king law.

JENELLE EVANS: Oh I’m sorry, you break the law and it’s your fault.

NG: Dude check it out. I haven’t been in trouble for 5 years. I catch hate on f**king Twitter and f**king Facebook because you’re Jenelle Evans I have to put up with that shit.  GET THE F**K OUT!

JE: Whatever see I can’t even talk.

NG: I don’t want you to. I don’t want to be with you.

JE: Then leave me alone.


JE: Leave me alone.


JE: Get the f**k out of my face.

NG: I don’t have to because this is my house, not yours. It’s my f**cking house!

JE: Yeah, whatever, even though that’s my bed, that’s all my sh*t in the kitchen.


JE: The only thing you have is two couches dude, that’s all you have.

NG: Leave, please. Guess what Jenelle? I’ve done it since 18 and my life hasn’t been handed to me since I been 16 b*tch.

JE: Ok and?

NG: Like I said, you put up with so much sh*t that you don’t see the sh*t you do wrong. It pisses me off.

JE: I didn’t do anything wrong.

NG: You f**king lie and you f**king be like ok , maybe I did have the story backwards and then you say, ‘You’re interrupting!’ You act like a f**king b**ch to your kid. You don’t grow the f**k up dude!

JE: You got mad because I said, ‘You’re  interrupting me can you please stop?’ And you’re like ‘You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying’ and you flipped out! You’re yelling now for no reason.

NG: I’m yelling now because you’re an annoying b***h.

JE: You can yell but I can’t? You’re allowed to yell but I can’t?

NG: You stop.

JE: You can yell but I can’t?

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