Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Fights Back Against Scientology: They're 'Heartless' & 'Disrespectful' For Denying What She Says Happens To People Who Leave The Church

With Leah Remini focusing on her new sitcom, it seems that the Church of Scientology may have a new public enemy number one. My Name is Earl star Jason Lee‘s ex-wife, model Carmen Llywelyn, spoke out to Radar earlier this week about the harassment and “abuse” she says she’s suffered since leaving the Church. But after Scientology reps dismissed her claims as “pathetic and disturbed,” she’s fighting back.

“I knew the church of #scientolgoy was pursuing the ‘crazy’ theme,” she tweeted on March 18. “…Whats unclear is does #JasonLee agree with the church’s comments about me, which I expected to be cruel? Again, thats [sic] #scientology”

She continued, “I realize they may not like my opinions, but I’m pretty adamant about #scientologys right to exist. I can’t understand how they can be so disrespectful and unfeeling in their response. Heartless. .. Their PR rep sounds 16 [years old].”

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And in a final plea to her ex, she wrote, “Ive almost begged #JasonLee to talk to me. Is he sitting in a room with his hands over his ears? … I don’t hate #scientology, but they carelessly throw me away & hurl hateful insults about me in public.”

Llywelyn previously told Radar that “The whole Scientology thing has been sort of just this thing that I can’t shake off. It’s really messy.”

She’s claimed that after divorcing Lee and leaving the church, she’s been subject to “abuse” and harassment.

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A representative for the Church of Scientology told Radar in response that Llywelyn was a “pathetic and disturbed person.”

“It goes without saying that based on her own comments, the source is unreliable, highly biased, and appears to be a bit ‘off,'” the rep said. “Ms. Llywelyn’s perceptions that she was part of some fictitious walled-off ‘celebrity circle of the hierarchy’ and her bizarre conspiracy theory that her ‘calling  out’ a celebrity led to prank phone calls exist only in her mind.”

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