Jen Versus Japan! Aniston Refuses To Visit The Asian Nation Because Of The Treatment Of Dolphins

Sushi fan Jennifer Aniston won’t be enjoying hand rolls in Tokyo any time soon. has learned that despite international star Aniston’s popularity in Japan, the actress refuses to set foot in the country because of its dolphin hunting practices.

“Jen travels the world to promote her films, but there’s a strong exception … and that’s going to Japan,” a well-placed source in Jennifer’s camp said. “She doesn’t allow herself to be contractually required to travel to Japan because of that country’s policies toward fishing and specifically the treatment of dolphins.”

Aniston’s fans are largely unaware of how important animal rights issues are to the former Friends star.

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After seeing the 2009 documentary The Cove, which exposed cruel dolphin hunting practices in Japan, Aniston financially supported the foundation behind it, says the source, and even appeared in a dolphin-friendly PSA, below:

Says the source, “She has vowed not to go to Japan until the country’s policies change.”

Meanwhile, Aniston’s longtime rival Angelina Jolie and ex-husband, Brad Pitt have no such qualms about travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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“Of course Angelina likes animals, but she also loves the people of Asia,” a source explains. “After all, two of her adopted children are from the region. She is constantly traveling to Japan on vacation or to promote her movies.”

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