Justin Bieber’s Legal Setback: Deposition Video In Paparazzo Lawsuit Will NOT Be Sealed

Baby, Justin Bieber just can’t catch a break.  The troubled teen is embroiled in a felony vandalism case  in Los Angeles but he’s also in trouble across the country in Miami with a judge ruling against him in the latest round of the lawsuit brought against him by a paparazzo.
Bieber has been ordered to sit for a deposition in the lawsuit  Jeffery Binion has filed against him, with Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel denying the singers request to seal the transcript of the video according to Gossip Extra.

Binion claims that Beiber and his bodyguard attacked him allegedly choked him and took the memory card out of his camera.  Binion alleges that Bieber ordered the body guard to rough him up and take the card.

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According to Gossip Extra, the judge sided with Binon, ruling that Bieber can’t keep public records secret because of his “brand.”

“Bieber’s celebrity status gives him no greater legal right to seal his deposition than anyone else,” Binion’s objection to the attempt to seal reads.

The deposition is scheduled for Thursday, January 23 to take place in Santa Monica, Calif.

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