HIGH Times At CNN! Anderson Cooper Accuses Co-Worker Of Being Stoned On the Job — Watch the Video!

Call it a career highlight. When CNN‘s Randi Kaye travelled to Colorado to investigate the booming recreational marijuana industry, the giggly report she eventually filed raised some eyebrows, with Anderson Cooper even going so far as to state, “I think she was high!”

Cooper made the clip the subject of his Ridiculist segment, mocking Kaye’s allegedly doobie-influenced delivery.

By the end of her visit in Colorado, he hinted, “Randi had gotten very comfortable and had gotten a very thorough bud-ucation.”

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“So here’s what happened Friday,” he continued. “Randi was reporting on the new so-called ganja-preneurs” who run cannabis tours throughout the city.

“Basically she rode around in a limousine all day with the windows rolled up,” he explained, as her “sources” smoked themselves silly.

“It smelled like Willie Nelson’s bandanna in there, I’m sure!” Cooper joked.

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And Kaye admitted, laughing, “We did very extensive research, I have to tell you.”

“I wasn’t thinking right…” she said, and admitted that she couldn’t even remember her prepared questions, which had never before happened to her. Still, she insisted, “It was just a contact high.”

“Just to be clear i’m not taking ‘pot’ shots at Randi Kaye,” Cooper joked. “It’s just that many of us in the newsroom thought this was pretty much the greatest ‘live hit’ in the history of the program.”

Was she really stoned? You be the judge! Watch the video here on RadarOnline.com:

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