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A Bad Rap! Flo Rida Owes $1.2 Mil In Tax Liens

Rapper Flo Rida is in the hole to the taxman to the tune of nearly $1.2 million, and we have all the exclusive details for you right here on

According to legal docs of the federal lien filed Jan. 2, the music-maker is behind large sums for three consecutive years – 2009 ($343,317.03), 2010 ($10,245.41) and 2011 ($844,093.00) – with a total owed to Uncle Sam of a whopping $1,197,655.44.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Rapper Flo Rida New Federal Tax Lien — It’s EPIC

The 34-year-old artist, whose real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard, has had tax troubles in the past as well; he’s best known for his record-breaking dance hits such as 2008’s “Low” and “Right Round.”

DOCUMENT: Before The 2013 Tax Lien, Flo Rida Was ALREADY In Hot Water — Read The Proof

Other celebs who’ve gotten in hot water with the taxman in years’ past include singer Lauryn Hill, actors Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage, and wrestler Ric Flair.

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