Justin Bieber Threatened With Arrest In Australia For Vulgar Vagina Slur — Bodyguard Detained On Drugs Charge

Justin Bieber was threatened with arrest in Brisbane, Australia, when airport sniffer dogs found marijuana on a member of his entourage.

The 23-year-old man, reported to be a bodyguard and US national, has been ordered to appear in a court Friday on a charge of importing a border controlled drug – cannabis – into the country from New Zealand.

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The incident occurred on Nov. 24 at Brisbane International Airport and has only just been revealed.

The Daily Telegraph reported the cannabis was detected in the luggage of one of Bieber’s entourage after a customs sniffer dog “sat” on two bags.

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Meanwhile, Bieber, 19, allegedly insulted a woman customs officer at the airport, telling her: “You’re just a female vagina.”

The Australian Federal Police confirmed the incident, but no charges were laid against the potty mouthed pop star.

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