Britney Spears Admits, ‘I’ve Had Lip Injections’ — What Else Has She Had Done?

You wanna look like Britney Spears? You better get to a plastic surgeon, b*tch! As her eighth album climbs the charts, Spears revealed she’s managed to keep her pop princess looks over the years with the help of her plastic surgeon.

Spears made the confession in the new issue of In Style magazine, while discussing her skin care regime.

Revealing that she frequently visits Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia, Spears said he “does fun stuff to me sometimes.”

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“I’ve had lip injections before,” she admitted.

Kanodia is well-known for being the king of the Hollywood nose job, having worked on Ashlee Simpson‘s bump and slimmed Jennifer Aniston‘s nose as well.

And while Spears has been accused of having had a nose job in the past, she only copped to the injectables.

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Do you think Britney’s had more than just a few injections? Or is she all-natural? Let us know in the comments!

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