She’s An Open Book! Kate Gosselin Lets Bethenny Sit In On The Family Finances, Explains Status Quo With Jon

Kate Gosselin, sitting down with Bethenny Frankel Thursday, didn’t hold back when asked about her financial situation, or how she and ex-husband Jon currently co-parent their eight children.

Bethenny grilled the former TLC star — who recently admitted she’s “piecing and patching together” an income in the tears following her reality TV salad days — on both topics, and she responded with candid (albeit a tad calculated) answers.

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Kate said the money she made from the hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was “a huge blessing,” noting that much of it has been socked away for her children’s education.

“The majority of what we made, I, personally, took and put in a college fund for them because they will go to college,” she said. “So I use coupons, we don’t wear the top brands. Those things to me really aren’t overly important but college, school and their house, where they live is important.”

Asked about Jon — whose slide from TLC fame has included a waitering job and a tense run-in with a pap — Kate declined to comment on specifics, but did say she still has feelings of love for him, just not the kind you’d expect.

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“Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness and empathy and pity for someone the root of that is love,” she said, adding that the one-time Hamptons party boy receives visits with his children “every other weekend.”

She said her main priority, with regards to Jon, is being a responsive and supportive co-parent, as she considers her job “to foster that bond” between the children and their father.

“We are making the best of it,” the Dancing with the Stars alum said. “I definitely want them to know that I did not want to hinder or stand in the way of that relationship with him. So I do everything I can to foster that because it is important and you have to have the ability to remove judgement and ugliness from that.

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“The best thing for my kids is that I give them the opportunity and the ability to continue that relationship. When they are older — if they don’t want to do it anymore or whatever decisions they make — that is their business.

To see the the chat in its’ entirety, check out Thursday’s edition of Bethenny; Please visit to find out when and where it airs in your city.

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