Lindsay Lohan Drama, Family Style – Dad Michael Insists He Will Be Part Of Her Reality Show

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There’s no drama like Lohan drama. Lindsay Lohan’s father has been an outspoken advocate for her recovery since her release from her court-ordered rehab stint and he’s also been an integral part of her new reality show Michael Lohan exclusively told

“It is total BS that I am not part of Lindsay’s show, I have filmed three episodes already,” the patriarch of the dysfunctional family said about being captured on film with his oldest daughter.

Slamming a report that he isn’t going to be on Lindsay’s new show, Michael said, “I imagine I’m going to be shooting more too.”

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A production crew filmed Lindsay and her dad while in New York City on three separate occasions and he said he was told that the producers would want him back for more scenes and that her mother, Dina Lohan, has been filmed too.

“I would imagine everyone in the family will be shooting more. This is reality TV and we’re a real part of Lindsay’s life. The may be right, wrong, or indifferent, that may be positive or negative, but we’re all a part of her life and that will be shown. I would imagine production wants to make this as real as possible and that includes her family.”

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During filming Dina was arrested for DUI, and while cameras didn’t capture that incident, Michael said there were interviews after that took place.

“This is all part of the dram of Lindsay’s life,” Michael told

“Nothing for nothing, the Lohans are known for drama and that’s part of reality.”

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