Taylor Swift Trespasser to Go Free — For Now

The 55-year-old man accused of trespassing twice on the grounds of Taylor Swift‘s Rhode Island mansion is going free with no punishment — for now, at least.

Joseph Bernatche appeared in court in Westerly, Rhode Island, on Friday for a pre-trial in the case that charges he willfully trespassed on the property, but the case has been rescheduled to September 6.

When Bernatche appeared in court, his attorney, Michael J. Robinson of Robo Law tells RadarOnline.com exclusively, “They executed him! No, just kidding. Really, it was fine.”

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Robinson reveals that he presented new information to the Westerly Police Department about the case.

“Generally it was information about the location of her property line,” Robinson explains. “Some photographs.”

“The police department requested time to investigate that, so the case has been pushed back to September 6,” he adds. As for the final outcome, Robinson insists, “I’m confident it’s going to swing my way.”

Bernatche was arrested while driving away from Taylor’s property on July 27, after he handed a note to her security guard. He also allegedly visited the property back in April.

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