LiLo’s ’10 To 15 Times’ Cocaine Claim Under Fire: Party Pal Says She Once Did It 20 Times In One Week!

Lindsay Lohan claimed in a television interview on Sunday night that she had done cocaine as many as 10 to 15 times, however, a nightclub pal of the troubled actress tells exclusively that Lohan snorted coke at least 20 times during a hard core partying stint in New York several months ago.

“For Lindsay to say she had only done coke 10-15 times is a lie,” a party pal told “I personally witnessed Lindsay snorting coke at least 20 times in less than a week when she was out of control partying in New York City several months ago.

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“Everyone knows Lindsay has been addicted to coke for years, and it’s sad that she chose to mislead the public yet again. She is absolutely an alcoholic/coke addict.”

During the televised interview with Lohan admitted to being an addict. In speaking about her past demons, The Canyons starlet said that booze, “in the past, was a gateway to other things for me,” and said she’d done cocaine, but no more than 15 times.

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