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Attorney Slams Lady Gaga For Sealing Court Records To Hide ‘Her True Nature,’ Calls It A ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’

“Music is a lie,” Lady Gaga once said. “You have to tell a lie that is so wonderful that your fans make it true.”

But as her current legal troubles threaten to expose the truth about how Stefani Germanotta became the artist known as Lady Gaga, the singer has gone on the offensive to protect her image. A federal judge in New Jersey agreed last week to seal court records in a case brought on by Gaga’s former collaborator and mentor, Rob Fusari, ruling that releasing the info could be damaging.

And now, the attorney in yet another of Gaga’s legal cases is speaking out against her “overzealous” drive to keep her fans from knowing the alleged truth about who she really is.

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“For a person who preaches truth and virtue, [Gaga] sure does not want anyone seeing her real persona,” attorney Bill Niro tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

Niro is the attorney for plaintiff Rebecca Francescatti, who has accused Gaga of ripping off her song, Juda, for Gaga’s hit single, Judas. The two both worked with producer Brian Gaynor, who is also being sued.

And Niro says that in Francescatti’s case, Gaga is attempting to quiet the proceedings with legal tactics just like she is doing to Fusari in the New Jersey case.

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“I am familiar with the [New Jersey] case where [Gaga] is trying to seal the records,” Niro tells Radar.

“They have been the same way with our case. Overzealous demands that information be sealed from the public.”

But Niro is adamant that the people who claim they are behind Gaga’s fame will get their due. In a case transcript, he said, “It [all] looks to me like a conspiracy of silence. [Gaga] did nothing. No work.”

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Niro will be back in court on August 22 for a status hearing in the case. Three days later, Gaga will perform her new single at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn.

Lady Gaga is also facing another $31.5 million plagiarism lawsuit from French artist, Orlan, as Radar has reported.