Kardashian Identity Theft! Cyber-Crooks Stole More Than $70,000 From Kris Jenner — Targeted Other Celebs

Two Florida cyber-crooks have been arrested for stealing the identities of Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton and other celebrities, the U.S. Secret Service has confirmed.

Nineteen-year-old Luis Flores and his roommate, Kyah Green, 41, allegedly used the celebs’ social security numbers in order to bilk money from American Express.

Flores and Green reportedly obtained the private information when it was publicized in a data-dump by hackers earlier this year. Flores and Green then allegedly called American Express and asked to change the SSN associated with each celebrity’s account. According to reports, they were able to transfer more than $70,000 from Kris’s account to their own.

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Authorities say they also targeted VP Joe Biden, first lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Beyonce, Mel Gibson, and even FBI director Robert Mueller before fraud investigators realized something was up.

The duo were arrested on August 7 at their apartment in Lake Mary, FL, according to local media, and face several federal charges.

Flores has a history of such behavior: He just left jail in March after being convicted of diverting his AT&T store co-workers paychecks into his own bank account.

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