Baby Bump Time! Jennifer Aniston Undergoing IVF Treatments To Get Pregnant, Claims New Report

Jennifer Aniston has said that she definitely sees children in her future and it might be time for the Friend to become a mommy with a new report claiming she’s using in-vitro fertilization to get pregnant.

The 44-year-old star has been engaged for almost a year to hunky Justin Theroux and pictures shows her looking rounder than usual with a possibly baby bump are leading to the speculation that she’s having a baby.

“She definitely seemed to have gained some weight,” an eyewitness told In Touch magazine about the actress on set of Squirrels to the Nuts in NYC.

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The magazine says “according to new reports, Jen has begun IVF treatments, and if all goes as planned, she will be pregnant by her 45th birthday on February 11.”

“She held her script right in front of her stomach.”

Longing for a baby since divorcing Brad Pitt, who has six children with Angelina Jolie, Jen is apparently showing signs of IVF side effects.

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“She wasn’t as chipper as she has been,” a witness said about her on-set demeanor.

Jen also is reportedly trying to make sure that she has a healthy baby but is aware that she needs to get moving on having a baby.

“She knows the clock is ticking – she’s well aware of it. She’s also done her homework. She’s explored all methods for having a baby and knows what her options are with IVF. She’s educated herself.”

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The magazine says that Jen is handling the stress of trying for a baby well.

“There is no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s mean to be.”

However, her rounder face and tummy hiding tactics are only going to be able to delay an announcement for a little while.

Her rep says Jen is not pregnant but a source told the magazine that her fiancé is ready for a family too.

“Justin didn’t always want kids, but his life with Jen changed his perspective on being a dad.”

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