James Franco Film Fires Author Of Controversial 'Working With Him Is Payment Enough' Casting Call

A casting call sent out for a new James Franco film promising low pay but a chance to work with the127 Hours actor had dire consequences for the man who wrote it because he was fired from the project, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

“For those wanting to work with James, that in itself can be considered great currency,” the casting call read, following a line that the movie is on a low budget.

“He is a fantastic director and quite loyal to his actors!! This story is both deep and rich!”

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According to an insider, Franco’s team was furious when the casting call letter got out and his attorneys immediately contacted the man who wrote the casting call to tell him he would no longer be with the project.

“Understandably James’ camp was really upset that the casting call made it sound like he had a huge ego or something. That wasn’t the guy’s intention in writing it, but that’s how it came across,” the source told Radar.

“The truth is that the whole project is being done on a low budget and all the leads and cast and crew are being paid lower than they would be on a major blockbuster. But the people choosing to work on the project are doing it for the love of their art, not for the money.”

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James, 35, is directing and starring in a new film based on the William Faulkner book, The Sound and the Fury.

“These small budget projects are done all the time, but the guy who wrote the casting call just should have picked his words more wisely,” the source said.

“It wasn’t good PR for James, or his movie!”

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