Cyndi Lauper Slams Miley Cyrus’ Risqué VMAs Set: ‘So Bad, So Sad… It Wasn’t Even Art’

From Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to girls shouldn’t have fun like that?

Cyndi Lauper characterized Miley Cyrus‘ MTV VMA performance as “raunch” in a radio interview with Australia’s Brig & Lehmo on Gold 104.3, and we’ve got the clip for you right here on

“That was girl gone wild — so sad, so sad,” Cyndi said Monday, noting she disapproved of Miley’s song selection in the duet with Robin Thicke of his controversial hit, Blurred Lines.

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Cyndi — like others before her — took exception with the song’s lyrics, saying it implies that “when a woman says, ‘No’ that she means ‘Yes’… it’s frightful.”

“And there she is a young twenty-something, basically simulating a Girls Gone Wild video onstage … I just felt like it was so beneath her … I felt sad, really sad for her.”

The Grammy-award winning singer noted that while Lady Gaga showed off her rear end in her set at the show, the bit itself was artsy, whereas Miley’s duet was pure raunch.

“It wasn’t even art,” said Lauper, who’s sold more than more 50 million albums worldwide.

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