Watch: Prince Jackson Contradicts Testimony Of Family Chef In King of Pop’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Michael Jackson‘s oldest son, Prince Michael, contradicted testimony of family chef Kai Chase in the wrongful death lawsuit against concert promotoer AEG, of the late King of Pop, and has exclusively obtained the excerpt of the teenager’s deposition that was played for jurors in court on Tuesday.

Chase testified that by June 2009 Michael had become so weak that his son, Prince, had to carry him up the stairs at the rental mansion the family was living in.

However, on cross examination by AEG, an excerpt from Prince’s deposition was played for Chase and the jury in which he contradicted the chef’s claim.

During the March 2013 deposition, Prince was asked if there was ever a time Michael was so tired from rehearsal that he couldn’t make it up the stairs.

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Shaking his head, drinking a glass of water, Prince said, “I wouldn’t be able to either, but no.”

When asked about the contradiction, Chase maintained it had occurred.

As Radar previously reported, jurors also saw a portion of Paris Jackson‘s deposition in which she revealed former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, was ‘obsessed’ with her father.

“You’re going to get creeped out… no joke,” the jovial teenager told lawyers representing concert promoter AEG.

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Charged Paris: “My dad didn’t like her so he tried to keep her away from us. He would send her to run errands a lot… He said she was sneaky, she was not an honest person and she lied a lot…She used to be (one of the nannies) but she got really creepy. This is going to freak you out. One time, it was before — me and my brother were really young — before Blanket was born.

“When he would stay in a hotel, or whatever, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him… They let her in and he’d wake up and she would be in his bed.”

Meanwhile, Paris still remains hospitalized after attempting suicide several weeks ago.

Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three children contend the concert promoter failed to properly investigate Conrad Murray, who was convicted in 2011 of the involuntary manslaughter death of the singer.

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Lawyers for the Jacksons told the judge on Wednesday they expected to rest their case by July 8.

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