Watch: Reese Witherspoon In Police Car En Route To Jail — ‘Pregnant’ Star’s Bladder Issues Dominate Discussion!

Acting like the Oscar winner that she is, Reese Witherspoon put on a star performance during her April 19 arrest in Atlanta, as new video from the police’s dashboard camera — obtained by — reveals.

En route to the police station, where she was booked on a disorderly conduct charge, 37-year-old Witherspoon continued to spin her “I”m pregnant!” story to an officer while handcuffed in the back seat — a claim she’s now denounced.

“You’re pregnant, I’ll take better care of you,” Corporal M. Land told the Walk The Line star.

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“That’s right,” replied Witherspoon.

Having calmed down significantly from earlier in the night, the mother-of-three then recounted the earlier arrest to the cop, telling him she’d simply said: “Excuse me sir, would it be possible to use the restroom soon?”

“That’s the only reason I got out of the car,” Witherspoon insisted.

“I told the gentleman that I needed to use the restroom when he arrested me. I wouldn’t want to be rude or have an accident in your car. He didn’t seem to understand that I needed to use the restroom.”

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The good-humored corporal, who admitted to being a fan of Sweet Home Alabama, which Witherspoon filmed in Georgia, told her: “If you do pee in my seat, I won’t hold it against you!”

At one point, the star struck officer even asked if her hair color was naturally red!

“No, sir,” Witherspoon responded.

The George State Patrol officer — duped into believing Witherspoon was knocked up — inquired as to how far gone she was in the phantom pregnancy.

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Said Witherspoon, “I am very early sir, it is very new. I am sure you have a wife and children and it just comes on you like a ton of bricks and you just have to go to the rest room.”

So when back at base, Corporal Land quickly removed the cuffs so “pregnant girl” — that’s what Witherspoon called herself — avoided “going to the bathroom on herself.

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