MTV Considering ‘Big Brother’-Like Special For ‘Teen Mom’ Stars & Their Estranged Mothers

MTV is considering a one-off special aimed at “rehabbing” the strained relationships of Teen Mom stars Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham and their estranged mothers, production sources tell

“Network executives are exploring having the Teen Mom star’s live in a house with their mother’s for a week, or more, all while cameras roll, kind of like Big Brother,” an insider revealed.

“The special would focus on dissecting and repairing the relationships between the reality stars and their mothers. The Teen Moms children would be on the premises during filming, but they wouldn’t be featured on the special.”

The women would be living in the house along with a psychiatrist and relationship counselor, the insider added.

The lives of Abraham and Evans, both 21, have been plagued by scandal in recent months.

Single-mom Abraham filmed a sex tape, a move denounced by her mom Debra Danielson, while Evans’ mother Barbara had her involuntarily committed following her shotgun wedding in December last year.

Ashleigh Evans, Jenelle’s sister, said Barbara was prompted to make the bold move after noticing Jenelle was emaciated, with arms covered in track marks.

“My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin. When she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up,” Ashleigh said, at the time.

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