Demi Moore Dating Hunky Australian Cub: ‘She Loves Getting Attention From Young Men,’ Says Pal

Demi Moore is currently dating a hunky, young Australian guy, who shares in yoga sessions with the 50-year-old Ghost star, and has exclusive details surrounding their month-long relationship.

In a new report from Star magazine, Demi’s new beau Will Hanigan says, “She’s an amazing woman. We know each other through yoga, and we’ve become close.”

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“Demi loves getting attention from young men. It makes her feel better about herself and her age to be surrounded by good-looking guys who are half her age,” a source close to Demi told Radar in an exclusive interview.

Will, a 30-year-old commercial pearl diver from Perth, Australia, has been photographed over the last month with Demi going in and out of yoga sessions and a source told Star the downward dog isn’t the only thing they’re doing at the yoga center!

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“Will is clearly a passionate individual, and Demi seems to be enjoying every moment with him,” the source told Star.

Demi’s pal told Radar that Ashton Kutcher‘s ex definitely has a thing for the bearded blond, and she’s favoring him over her other young suitors.

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“It’s not like Demi hooks up with all of the young guys she hangs around,” the insider said.

“And she’s into Will, but she likes having a handful on speed dial to drive her around and keep her company.”

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