Sharon Osbourne: 'Ozzy’s Relapse Is Devastating'

Sharon Osbourne finally broke her silence about her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s and said she is “devastated” by his relapse.

Tuesday on The Talk Sharon admitted to her co-stars that Ozzy had fallen off the wagon, but said some reports were “distorted.”

“The only thing that’s true is the Facebook posting that my husband did on his Facebook where he said he’s been using alcohol and prescription drugs for the last year and a half,” Sharon said, but said that there

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“And that he’s been an a** and he’s been in a very dark place. That’s true. That’s very true.”

Sharon addressed his hard-partying reputation, but said she was blindsided by his recent relapse.

“Everybody knows he’s been struggling with this his entire life and I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn’t realize to the extent.”

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Sharon and Ozzy have been married for 31 years and she denied that they were splitting up.

“We’re not getting divorced. However, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes I am. I’m devastated right now.”

Kelly and Jack’s mom said that the family is going to remain strong but fired a warning shot at Ozzy.

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“It’s a disease that not only hurts the person that has the disease but it hurts the family. It hurts people that love you and we’re dealing with it.  We’ve dealt with worse and we will deal with it and this too shall pass.  Otherwise my husband will be taken to the hospital to get my foot removed from his ass.”

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