Who Are Lawrence Harvey Zeigler, Mark Vincent & Robin Fenty? More Celebrity Real Names Revealed

How well do you really know your favorite Hollywood stars?

We may know them by name as Larry King, Vin Diesel and Rihanna, but these well known personalities weren’t blessed at birth with their famous names. After bringing you a super fun-filled gallery of Hollywood stars who have changed or modified their name, RadarOnline.com has even more photos and details revealing the real monikers of the biggest celebrities!

PHOTOS: More Of Celebrity’s Real Names Revealed

Joan Rivers isn’t shy about revealing all of the changes she has made to her face and body with plastic surgery, but the Fashion Police personality doesn’t really discuss her birth name very much!

Olivia Wilde has a movie star ring to it, don’t you think? The blonde bombshell, whose parents are both esteemed journalists, wasn’t born with her totally cool surname. Find out her real last time by checking out the gallery.

The legendary John Barrymore lent his last name to his super famous granddaughter Drew, but the only thing is, Barrymore wasn’t really his last name.  The same goes for the Douglas family, whose patriarch, Kirk, modified his last name a few times before settling down.

Would Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis have become huge action stars if they had kept their birth names?

Would George Michael and Alice Cooper have topped the Billboard charts with their not as rockin’ ones? Check out the gallery by clicking here and sound off below.

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