Tate Donovan Calls Out The O.C. Co-Star Mischa Barton, Labels Young Cast ‘Ding-Dongs’

Deception star Tate Donovan proved he’s a true gentlemen on Wednesday night’s edition of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, but still he was ‘tricked’ by host Andy Cohen into calling out his former co-star Mischa Barton for her bad behavior on the set of the teen angst drama The O.C., which ran from 2003-2007 on Fox.

When a caller asked Donovan who the “biggest diva” was on the show, he paused, before Cohen interjected, “Mischa!”

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Donovan then confirmed that by saying, “Definitely Mischa. She was pretty… um.. yeah…”

“Nasty!” Cohen exclaimed, adding, “She had a terrible reputation.”

“Yeah, she.. um.. They all started out great. The first year those kids were fantastic, and then, they just … all of them just fell apart, “ the affable Donovan, 49, said, as he struggled to find the right words.

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At that point, Cohen fessed up he didn’t know Mischa was such a big diva, saying, “Wow, by the way, I was just totally bullsh*ting you about her reputation. I had never heard that. I was like trying to goat you, and you went for it.”

“I totally fell for it…” Donovan sheepishly replied.

“I do remember there was a lot of drama around that show,” Cohen said.

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“Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was tough. Those kids became … I’ve seen them since, and they’re like ‘whoa, I’m really sorry,” Donovan said.

Cohen then asked if was because the young castmembers (including Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson) became super famous overnight.

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Donovan agreed, saying, “Anyone in that situation…. When I was starting out… When you first get fame, you get so insecure … that you just become a ding-dong … you just have to… and they did, but they’re maturing. They’re working, and not working. They’re learning their lessons.”

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