Victoria Jackson Calls President Obama & Alec Baldwin ‘God Hating Communists,’ Asks ‘Why Isn’t There A White History Month?’

Oh no she didn’t – again!

Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live comedienne turned faaaaaar-right pundit, posted a rambling article on her personal website Thursday night in which she calls President Obama and Alec Baldwin “God hating Communists,” laments white men being “attacked” in the media, and even asks, “Why is there a Black History Month, but not a White History Month?”

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After the political blog Wonkette re-posted the essay, calling it “a big pile of sh*tmouth,” Jackson ,53, yanked the story, although it’s still available on cache.

Here is Jackson’s article in its entirety:

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I wrote a uke song called “White Men Are Good” and sang it at a comedy club about 4 years ago. I could feel the audience tense up. Why? Why is there a Black History Month but not a White History Month? Now, that the white race is becoming a minority in America, perhaps we need to make…say, January, White History Month.

I’m just really tired of the white male, and especially the white conservative, Christian male being attacked in cartoons, movies, TV shows, politics, Affirmative Action, etc. It’s like in order to fix the “discrimination” problem, culture flipped the racism from “against blacks” to “against whites”. Why do we have to be “against” anyone? Aren’t we all equal?

Just for the record, white men invented rockets, space travel, airplanes, the automobile, the English language, the U.S.A., most medical advances, electricity, television, telescope, microscope, Ivy League Universities, the computer, the Internet, and on and on. I think white men should be praised and respected. White Christian Conservative Men especially, should be loved and adored. They were the backbone and originators of the greatest nation on earth. We need more of them now.

In November, 2012 The Blaze reported that Alec Baldwin tweeted, “…Obama’s re-election signaled the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance”.

Maybe that’s why our country is going to pot; our huge deficit, foreign attacks, crashing economy, racial and class warfare, immigration problems, bigger government, disappearing freedom, growing poverty, sky-rocketing unemployment, rancid immorality, more pregnant teens, etc. etc. – “the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance.” I’m just saying.

Find a white, middle-aged Christian man today and hug him. And then, encourage him and your white Christian sons to stand up, be leaders again, and save our country from the God-hating communists like Alec Baldwin and Obama.


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As has previously reported, this is not the first time Jackson has gone on a bizarre rant. This past December, she posted a pro-gun image to her Facebook page in an apparent political commentary only days after the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

In her posting, Jackson, shared an image of notorious Oklahoma City courthouse bomber Timothy McVeigh that included the caption: TIMOTHY MCVEIGH DIDN’T USE A GUN.

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She later sparked yet more controversy when she said the killer is no different than women who have abortions. After President Obama was re-elected to a second term in November, she tweeted, “I can’t stop crying. America died.”

But that was just the beginning of the vocal Tea Party supporter’s commentary. She also told her followers: “The Democrat Party voted God out and replaced Him with Romans 1. In the Good vs Evil battle…today…Evil won.”

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Finally, she wrote: “Thanks a lot Christians, for not showing up. You disgust me.”

And let’s just say she’s not exactly a fan of the TV show Glee. Last March, she slammed the Fox show after it showed two of its characters,  Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss),  kiss for the first time.

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Jackson ranted about the kiss and the TV show on WorldNetDaily. She wrote in her column, “Did you see ‘Glee’ this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians — again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of ‘Glee’ — what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?”

So what do you think of Jackson’s latest tirade and her call for a White History Month? Sound off below!

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