Don’t You Like Hamsters? 3-Year-Old Boy Plays With Alligators, 8 Foot Boa Constrictor!

And we’re scared of spiders!

A 3-year-old fearless boy in Australia – being called that country’s youngest wildlife ranger – is attracting a lot of attention for his “pets.”

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With his dad’s blessing, little Charlie Parker loves to play with an alligator named Gump and his best friend is Pablo, a boa constrictor that outweighs him and measures 8 feet in length.

Charlie’s father, Greg, runs Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia and says he couldn’t be prouder of his boy.

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“He can be an ambassador for animal conservation and welfare. I think it’s great for everybody,” Parker said, speaking in an interview with Australia’s Channel 7.

Of course, not everyone thinks a child playing with dangerous animals is a good idea, as animal handler Jack Hanna told Tuesday’s Good Morning America.

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“Children and wild animals are not a good mix,” Hanna added. “You can train a wild animal but you can never tame a wild animal.”


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